Saturday, September 08, 2007


Cameras and concerts

-Concerts these days are a funny affair. In what is supposed to be a dramatic moment minutes before the band comes on stage in the seconds where the auditorium is pitch black, the illusion is ruined by the caustic glare off camera screens, cameras off phones (LOL. Don't get me started) and flash from said cameras.

It's to be expected of course. Everyone wants memories of the experience. Technology has made it so that everyone is equipped to catch the quintessential money shot or the next best version they can get. I'm guilty of doing it myself. Yet, in the midst of snapping, reviewing and trying to figure out the best setting in such unpredictable lighting, I can only hope that people don't forget that they're there first and foremost for the music. It's great to have awesome pics for the picture book but if at the end of the night your voice isn't hoarse from screaming/cheering/cat-calling the hot bassist in the band and your arm doesn't hurt from clapping and rocking out, you did it wrong mate.

- Guaranteed recipe for disaster: Having cafe training periods on a Saturday morning from 8 am to 11 am. The trainer and the trainee are the Mentos to the unrelenting customers that make up the Diet Coke component in this metaphor. Messy, messy badness is the conclusion.

- Here's what parents should not do to enforce middle child syndrome on the kid born in the middle: Forget about them and then admitting to their mistake. If necessary, spin some bullshit excuse as to why your kid is penniless and skipping classes to work to pay rent.
Sorry doesn't pay the bills. Sorry doesn't negate the lack of attention. Sorry doesn't help with their self-esteem issues of constantly being overlooked. Also, Mr and Mrs Wong, it would help if you call and actually talk to Karen about Karen (what a concept) and not whine about the eldest or worry about the youngest. Please and thank you, love, said whinging middle child.

- Oh my god. Interwebs, beware. Angsty middle child with a blog on the loose.

- I'm also really over being mistaken for looking older than I actually am. Twenty four? Twenty four?! Come on!!

- And for Jon, because I promised you the LOLZ!11!!