Thursday, January 24, 2008

And so we meet again.

Here I sit on the grey carpet of the Wellington Airport. The departure hall is quiet, one sole cafe/bar open catering to the other life forms that have the unfortunate luck of pulling the midnight flight. As my flight is an insanely early 6.50 am flight, I've decided to stay the night at the airport rather than fork out a night's worth of too-short-to-be-called-sleep at the downtown backpackers. "I've done this before in Sydney, why not again?", I figured. Thank goodness for the free Wi-Fi Internet at the airport. Double thank goodness-es for the fact that I have my laptop with me. My laptop may not be able to produce sounds or not lag or log onto the broadband Internet I have at Melbourne, but at least it's wireless card is working splendidly.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've had to cut my trip short by 7 days. Instead of a round month, I will have spent 25 days in the North Island of New Zealand. Oh but don't worry, dear Aotearea, I will be back for you once again.

Note #1: I've had to delete 200 emails on top of 700 other piled up junk from my Gmail account. For reasons of keeping my sanity intact, I am choosing to ignore the fact that I have two other active e-mail accounts.

Note #2: My Facebook homepage depresses me. There are over a hundred worth of invites to games, applications and what-have-yous I will have to ignore. Can't there be a mass cull button installed please, Mr Zuckerberg?