Friday, February 01, 2008

21 things in 7 minutes

To be quite honest, I never really understood the big deal about turning 21. So yeah, I can vote, I can drink, I can gamble, I am accountable for everything from now on. I can legally go into the Sex shop and not get worried about being chased out. I can watch every type of movie ever created if I so please, I can eat, drink, buy almost everything under the sun. I am an adult.

But 21 is just a number. It doesn't mean that things in life are going to change. Tomorrow my room is still going to be a mess and my books are going to stay spread all over the floor. I won't stop giggling over fart jokes and I sure as hell ain't going to be growing any taller. The dishes in the sink won't magically wash themselves, nor will the clothes in the laundry hamper or the floor that needs vacuuming.

So, please. Someone. Anyone. Please tell me what's the big friggin' deal about 21?