Sunday, May 04, 2008


- A weekend with the family at Queensland just isn't enough. My family is one of those disgustingly Brady-like family with weekends scheduled for 'family time'. And rage against it I may have once, but my stance changed after realizing that acting like an idiot negates my right of making fun of other (worser) idiots. This past weekend at Surfer's Paradise also marks the first time the 5 of us have been away together since 2003 with no possibility for a recurrence in the near future. Hence with the added momentum of the weekend away, it was especially hard to walk away from the embrace of the doofuses + Mum that make up the Wongs. Still, the world turns on its axis, and life moves on.

- I'm not prone to grand hyperbolic statements. So when I say that I believe Surfer's Paradise to be the arsehole of the universe, it probably is.

And yeah, it really, totally is.

- Over the weekend, I read this book below.

The book started out really well, laying out the historical evidence of cannibalism throughout the centuries. Covering most of the different historical periods from the early Egyptians to the current century, the different reasonings behind the act of consuming the flesh was examined. But then in choosing to devote the majority of the book to profiling different cannibals, the tone of the book went from BBC-History-Channel documentary to schlocky E!-True-Hollywood-Story exposé . The similarities between the psyche of these cannibals was very informative to the reader, however the in depth, and we're talking 'the-thighs-and-calves-make-for-the-best-meat' kind-of-depths detail, of the murders and actual consumption was a bit much to take. I suppose at the end of the day, that was partly why I bought the book anyway. I mean, one doesn't pick up a book titled 'Eat Thy Neighbour' expecting a story about Care Bears with the disposition of Elmo, right? I did feel really queasy after finishing the book, more queasy than I felt after watching movies of the supposed torture porn genre. But then I ended the night eating raw salmon fish, so there's that.

- This book I also read over the weekend.

I had been meaning to read the book after experiencing the massively insane fandom, so it was with much excitement that I started the book. Going into it, all I knew that it involved a love story between a human and a vampire who meet at high school. Before starting it, I gleaned off the paper that in the Top Five Best-Selling Australian Sci-Fi/Fantasy, this book and its consequent sequels scored #1, #4 and number #5 respectively. Which, frankly, is both ridiculous and spectacular enough to warrant disbelief and curiosity. I wanted to know what the hype was all about and why the people on the LiveJournal community I frequent applied the massive
sparkle effects in posts. And oh boy is the reveal friggin' hilarious and so worth the read. Can I just admit right now that I am hopelessly addicted to ONTD?

Anyway, the book as a whole makes for an entertaining read. Personally, I have found another to be more superior when it comes to the Young Adult fantasy/romance fiction genre that Stephanie Meyers based her book upon. And I think the comparisons between Harry Potter and this book is completely unfounded, especially with the existence of the Night World series. Twilight was great at the start as the tension between the two protagonists build, but past the reveal and the common understanding, the story moves toward the kind of fluff that serves to whet the emotions and fire of dedicated fans. It's all dreamy prose of everlasting love, wants, needs and haves that defies reason. Which, you know, isn't bad, but pales in comparison to the other author my allegiance lies with, because she at least doesn't let the story degenerate into fluffy fanfiction.

- I sound really obsessive about Night World but that probably is because I am.

- If I could go back to Twilight for a bit though; after completing the book, I'm not sure that it will translate well to the film medium. There are only so many things CGI can do, but if and when the SPARKLE happens (sniggers), the film could potentially degenerate into one long LOL-lercoaster ride. I suppose I'm only expressing this issue because ONTD has ruined me.

- I've had the startling realization that James McAvoy is in fact, a Scottish version of Diego Luna! Or perhaps, Diego Luna a Mexican version of McAvoy? The point is besides both actors bearing a resemblance to each other, both are also incredibly talented and are slowly getting the limelight they deserve. They both have a very alluring appeal that isn't immediately obvious at first glance. And superficially, what they lack in height, they make up for in hotness. You heard it here first!