Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things I Want or "Hello, 2009, look what you can give me since my birthday is in about a month"; Part #3 of 3

The Important
aka the one where I'll accept with much gratitude and no fuss.

1. Gift certificates for Topshop
I would point out certain things I want from Topshop itself but the list is ever changing and I am a pretty fickle shopper, so a gift certificate, as lame and grandma as it might seem, is actually perfect.

2. Notebooks (of the paper variety) Thanks Small Ad!
They don't even have to be pretty or with fancy coloured paper or smell like grapes. Moleskines would be ideal, but really, any hard covered notebook (so things don't get squished) with not-too-thin paper gets a thumbs up from me. If we're talking spiral notebooks, the shorthand 210 X 127mm would be preferable. If you want to get me a notebook of the portable laptop variety, don't let me stop you there and for your information, red is my favourite colour and those Sony Vaio are looking pretty sweet.

3. Subscription to magazines
- Vanity Fair (USA)
- Interview (USA)
- InStyle (USA)
- Empire (Aus)
- Frankie (Aus)
- The Big Issue (Aus)

4. Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images photobook You're way too nice, Nick.
Why, hello there Amazon!.

5. That Extra Half an Inch by Victoria Beckham Seriously, Nick.
I C U @ Amazon.
For reals? Oh yeah.

6. Episodes of TV series I want to watch but have yet to download
- Ugly Betty S3 I love you Penang, home of the cheap RM4 DVDs for which I'm RM 200 less now.
- Brothers and Sisters S3
- Friday Night Lights S3 I <3>The Big Bang Theory S1 Thanks, Nick!
- Breaking Bad I'll have your baby, torrents!
- My Name is Earl S2 and S3 See Penang.
- Full series of Malcolm in the Middle
- any other tv series you think I might enjoy, I'm open to all kinds of suggestions
These don't even have to come in the form of a proper series. So long as you've got them, I'll come running with blank CDs or DVDs or hell, my external just to get it off you.

7. Sign up to be an organ donor
If you're Malaysian and in Malaysia, I'll even give you the official form and get it processed for you. If you're Malaysian and not in Malaysia, that's cool too. Just head on over to the official website, print out the form and snail mail the donor form to the address. Whatever citizen of whichever country you are, please consider signing up to be an organ donor. People like to ponder and ruminate about life after death, and being no god (at least not a real one) or goddess, I can't predict what will happen. This much I know is true though, if you are an organ donor, you can rest assured that in your dying moments you can look forward to someone's life carrying on after your death. I don't know about you, but for me, that at least delivers some kind of concrete answer about the afterlife. Plus hey, if you feel like you've been a loser your whole life, at least you know that you did something selfless and great after your death which nullifies the whole loserhood thing, and thus you come out a champion. Awesomesauce, right?