Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Beastie Boys known to let the beat... mmMM 'DROP'."

Why I think the Karma Police are out to get me (aka whinging episode #34 from Karen):

#1. Last Sunday morning I went out to watch the Brazil/Aus game at Fed Square with Spags and a couple of other friends. Thanks to the ungodly schedule and time conversion, the kick-off was at 2.30 am in Melbourne. The sleep thing, or lack thereof, wasn't an issue as I had managed to snuck in a couple of hours sleep during the evening. And I had no plans the day after. The problem was that that morning happened to be the morning where Melbourne charted it's coldest temperature yet. It was 3 Celsius. Although it was certainly entertaining to watch the ten thousands of Aussies finally wake up to the sweet stench of history, I'm not sure if it was quite worth losing the feeling in my toes over. I think about the pros of seeing Kaka on screen and it almost justifies that whole experience. Just almost.

#2. I've been downloading Transamerica on LimeWire and yesterday it finally officially completed. Today I play the movie only to realize that while it's of a pretty decent quality (above the standards of hand-held camcorders in cinemas, but below the picture perfect crisp quality found in cinema screens) there was one very obvious flaw. It's like how I sometimes wish life was with my sister: lips a-movin' but no sounds a-talkin'. I checked the properties for the file, and check this; while there was a codec to compress the video part of the file there was nothing whatsoever for the audio bit. I want to cry. I really do. That's a 700 Mb file on a 56Kbps dial-up modem, equivalent to one year of my life. But wait, that's not quite the clincher yet.

#3. While scanning the tour listing section in the paper yesterday, I was pleased and just a tad excited to find out that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was doing their rounds at the Hi-Fi Bar. Then I read on and, oh what do you know.. my spirit is crushed. Their playing on the 20th of July. Bloody bugger piss b#a@s!t%a$r#d*s%. That's the third band this year that I've missed out on. The Shins in January, Death Cab on 14th July and this. -sob- Damn you karma!

#4. Also, I forgot to settle my previous fine for travelling without a valid tram ticket and as a result I got an extra penalty. Could there be a lamer way to violate the law?!

#5. I did manage to get my hands on two tickets to the Arctic Monkeys sold-out gig though. And yeah, did should go in the 'YAY' section. However I didn't get it through a 'trusted' website, or as trustful as a site can get in cyberspace. A visit to eBay made my heart skipped a beat, and not in the 'oh-pretty-boy,-will-you-be-mine?' kind of beat-skipping. I posted an ad on a forum asking for tickets and I get a reply from some guy. The deal is I pay half now and the the rest when I get the tickets. Judging by my luck so far, I probably have just wasted 50 bucks. It's maximum dodge man. The guy gave me his friend's banking details cause apparently he "lost his ATM card." What does that have anything to do with online banking?! Oh well, call me an optimistic sucker. And if he really does end up ripping me off, call me an optimistic broke sucker.

#6. Beastie Boys is on rotation in my head right now and it is a n n o y i n g as. Don't get me wrong, I love them and all but it's not the kind of song you can sing along to without sounding like you've got Tourette's. I mean how does one exactly sing/rap along to gems like, "Mike D with the masterjam. Said 'ooh laa laa' and 'thank you m'aam", ya know?

I've actually ran out of steam. Oh hell. I wanted to reach number 7.

I think the bad karma boils down to my incessant over-the-top cussing. Or my misanthropic tendencies that tend to surface when yet another bum/burnout strikes up a conversation with me. I certainly don't do anything to encourage my status as a bum/bo magnet. I get that they probably just naturally gravitate towards like-minded people, but I'm just one girl! Go bother another!