Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Now that's high-quality H2O."

This is a post that is not about the band-of-the-week I'm championing. Neither is it about trivia that bears very little importance in the grand scheme of life, the universe, everything. There will be no mention of movies I'm just about pissing myself to watch. This post also has nothing to do with any gripes I have about work, family or retail sales that sell out the size you wear.

Hence, this post ends with me saying I have nothing to post about.

Yeap. This marks the end of it.

Just ribbing ya. Yes, I enjoy amusing myself very much. It's a pathological thing. Put it down to middle child syndrome.

Anyway, I'm in the midst of moving. So I haven't actually done anything substantial yet, but I have scoped out a couple of prospective apartments online and jotted down contact details. But since I had a 8-3pm shift the next day, I asked my sister to call them instead. And she didn't call anyone. Not a single one. Well, apparently she called the first one and it didn't go through so I don't quite know how that deters her from not calling the others (re: "I am Gillian and I am lousy at bullshitting"). I don't normally like depending on my sister for anything cause well, she's as reliable as an elephant showing up punctual four times in a row for a Sunday matinee. Everyone knows elephants only make it three times at best. Anyway, you know, how people say if you want to find an accomodation you've got to do it yourself so you don't end up freezing and homeless and shower-less and freezing and cold and warm-less and heat-less in winter? Guess that kind of holds true afterall.