Saturday, June 10, 2006

I want it that way.

As always, I started every year with the intention to 'get fit'. It's not so much a New Year Resolution, but more a guideline for the year. Like, I don't have the full intention to go through with it, but it'd be kinda cool if I did, ya know? Well, as of this year, I have ran exactly 0 km and executed 50 sit-ups. And that was done just only out of guilt.

On Friday, I had every intention to go running/jogging/dying-a-slow-and-painful-death at the local park cause I knew I was seriously out of shape. I'm by no means a grade-A athlete, but I fancy myself fit enough to jog to work with maybe two walking breaks if necessary, and err.. thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and Macca's fries, Macca's McFlurries, and Macca's burgers (damn you, Ronald!), I'm, to put it delicately, quite out of it. So, I had it all worked out.

Plan of action:
11-2 pm : work
2-3 pm : home
3-4 pm : change
4-4.15 pm : park
4.15 pm-5.30 pm : jog
5.30-5.45 pm : home
5.46-7.30 pm : die a little
7.30 onwards : Friday Night Live

But then while walking to work, a bird flew into my head. And I was like, "Fuck if I'm going to run and risk getting hit again!". There was quite a bit more cursing involved, but I'll keep it clean for you kids. End story: no exercise done. But on the upside, I made a fairly delectable hor fun dish for dinner. Tip: don't talk to me about the carbs. Just.. don't. -sob-

Anyhoo, I was all, "Yeah! Today is the day to get my pump on!". It was very Jane-Fonda-Aerobic-Workout-esque. But I woke up late for work, under the impression that my shift started at 11 am, when I received a call informing me, "No, you start at eight today, Sunshine." As if that wasn't bad enough, today was totally flat out and I was completely beat halfway into the shift. EVERYONE wanted a hot drink.

Most problematic customer I've ever had in McCafe:
MPC comes in asking for 3 "really, really weak extra hot skinny" cappucinos. No worries, I tell her. So the milk was heated up to about 75 Celsius, which is usually how high it goes for the 'extra hot' coffees. She comes back telling us (me + other Cafe fella) that it isn't hot enough. So we tell her we'll make her nice, hot fresh ones. We heat the bloody milk up to 90C, got her fresh ones, and ask her to take a sip to see if it's hot enough.

"It still isn't hot enough. Is this a new machine or something?"
"Maam, we heated the milk up to 90C(!) Are you sure you're getting the milk? Maybe it's just froth."
MPC sips.
"No, it's not the froth. Can you heat it any higher?"
"Maam, if we heat it any higher than 90C, the milk will burn."
"Well, it still isn't hot enough."
"Maam, maybe you need to go to the docter's, get your tastebuds checked out cause it's ninety freaking Celsius, mate. Now bloody fuck off and quit hassling us cause you ain't our only goddamn customer!"

In reality, we tell her that there isn't more that we can do. And she walks away in a huff with the promise to never come back again. God, I hope we can hold her to that promise.

That experience put us in one hell of a mood, cause as much as we normally adhere to the 'customer is always right (and they're also usually a right bloody pillock)' maxim, we knew there was no way we were wrong. The machine wasn't broken cause we had been using it the whole day without any complaints, and a fair bit of compliments if I may add. We had the thermometer tell us it was 90C. So where did it all go wrong? I've been tossing that in my head for a bit, but I can't figure it out. Maybe we saw it wrong it was actually 60C? Maybe she really does need a doc? Gah. Sod it all.

Back to the point. I finished absolutely knackered at four, still with some enthusiasm to hit the park. I figured I could just borrow my friend's bike and ride around for a bit. But then I stepped out of Macca's and my somewhat steely resolve was ditched. "Fuck if I'm going to go riding when there's fog bloody everywhere!"

In all my years here, I have never seen fog in the afternoon. Let alone fog at the beginning of winter. Suffice to say I know now why people were coming in droves for a hot drink. And also that this winter is going to be bloody awful. End story: expect to read a lot of whinging about the weather on my posts.

At least I gave you fair warning, eh?


Also, I found out yesterday that Death Cab for Cutie is doing a show at the Forum on July 14. -sob- Sometimes I just can't catch a break, eh? Oh hell. Coldplay, I love you more.

I've just finished my shower and I'm feeling quite restless now, so I actually logged on to MSN only to have a pop-up tell me that in order to continue I need to download the latest version. Granted, my version was pretty obsolete. Think the dark ages before you were able to poke and make even more insipid smileys. So because I'm using dial-up and downloading Transamerica as well, I have a feeling I might be a sitting here for a while. Hence, I decided to blog about it!

Hmmm... let's see. What else to say, what else to say, what else to say. Hmm.. I could go on about family. Everyone's fine - sort of. Me grandparents are in KL. Talked to them for a bit earlier in abysmal Cantonese. Absolutely disgraceful. Mom and Dad are alright - mostly. Jon is 6'1'' now apparently and just tipping the scales at 100 kg. He's starting his work experience next week at that rock-climbing place at OU. Gill... nyeh. Now, let's not open that can of worms. Nahhh. She's alright, as well. Popular with the dudes. Well, one of the daughters had to get the pretty gene.

10 Consecutive Songs Played on iTunes while on 'Shuffle' Mode
1: All-American Rejects - The Last Song
2: Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You
3: Beck - Loser
4. The Ataris - Heaven is Falling
5. Crazy Town - Revolving Doors
6. The Beatles - Across the Universe
7. No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life
8. My Morning Jacket - Come Closer
9. Jimmy Eats World - The Middle
10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Fortune Faded

Hmm. Let's talk about the bird hitting my face for a bit. What happened in minute detail was I was standing at the traffic lights waiting for the green man to come on and I glanced at the bird that was pecking at that pavement. I looked straight ahead, not wanting to enrage the stupid magpie and I heard it take flight. I flinched a little
and shut my eye momentarily, normal when I hear any flapping wings. And what do you know, I feel something slam into my head! It's feet lightly scraped my cheek and I opened my eyes to see the damn bird on the floor, but closer this time. "What the fuck?!" Checked my hair for birdshit: clear. Check cheek to see if damaged: clear. All about ran across the road regardless of red man. Man, I''m just going to say that this does not help with any Karen-bird friendly relations.

Of course, everyone's all, "Poor bird. Maybe the bird was blind." Gah. That is, after much laughing. And then as an afterthought, "Are you alright?" Friends, you're lucky I love y'all so. Gee whiz.

Anyway, MSN finished downloading. Wow.. Version 7.5 now. Huh.