Thursday, August 03, 2006

"But memmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

1. While at the ATM machine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the balance in my account was remarkably larger than what it was two days ago. Neat-o! When I came home from uni that day I had mail from the people at the Australian Tax Office. Turns out my tax returns have been, well, returned. Combine that with my weekly paycheck, it makes for a really lovely sum. Most excellent!

2. I started training crew this week. For three hours for three consecutive nights, I teach them the fundamental things for front counter; serving, dealing with customers, communication with the back crew, dining etc. Ex-trainers and managers tell me I have to pull out my inner bitch and make sure I drive them hard to ensure they get it all. The first night, I'm friendly. The second, I'm professional and by the third night, I'm a slave driver. It's shockingly draining to explain every. single. damn. thing. to a trainee. The simple things I'm a regular pro at now, I have to break down to minute details and force feed them the information, with the hopes they get at least 75% of it all. It's no wonder I'm absolutely burnt tonight.

3. Should the trainees mess up in the future, the heat is on me. Stupid new responsibilities.

4. The Arctic Monkeys gig was tonight. I had two offers for tickets but I had to turn them down because of the damn training. I want to be pissed, but I'm really just too tired to raise a ruckus about it. I know I'll be feeling the pain in days to come. Just as a safety net, I'm going to avoid reading the newspaper tomorrow. The reviews are probably going to be raving about them.

5. One of the managers that I like is leaving. She was strict, yes, but very very competent. Hell, she probably created a whole new meaning to the word 'slave driver'. Aggresiveness be damned though, she was a superb manager. The crew that worked past their initial intimidation of her will miss her no-bullshit, work-hard-before-you-play-harder perspective.

6. My sister texts me with a message that ends with "DON'T BOTHER CALLING ME CAUSE I'M TOO ANGRY TO TALK TO YOU!!". I reply, "wtv. l8rs." If you know me, you'll know that my text messages are never filled with abbreviations of any kind. I like my 'you's with the y and o, and my 'are's with the vowels in them. What can I say? A ridiculous statement breeds an equally ridiculous reply. I swear, the new folks that she hangs out with have such high-school mentality. I warned her about it, but oh hell.. guess it's rubbing off in the end.

7. I am going to take a hot shower and watch South Park till my eyeballs bleed or I fall asleep. Whichever happens first, I'm game.

Oh goddammit gorrammit. I just realize that it's 12.18am. So much for calling Ad at the stroke of midnight.

Happy 20th Spags. I'll dedicate a post to you later when I'm not feeling like the mildew that collects on wet shower curtains. Like your present, it will most probably be late. Sorry, mate.