Monday, August 07, 2006

I is sick, emm kay?

I is sick. I is having cold. I is having no voice + cough + runny nose. I is hoping that I would have something very lethal, almost biohazard-like, but the doctor is scoffs at me and say I is having common cold. It damn. I is say nothing worse than having ill and having run-of-the-mill the sniffles.

Doctor say inability to no type right is not correlated with cold. He say I will always silly regardless of health. I say, "You is probably right. Can I have my MC now?" He say, "Yes. Also avoid eating foods that contain dairy as it will not help with your phlegm." I is think, "Ohhh."

Dinner I had with my sister for birthday it was hers on 06 Aug. I tell her, "croak croak cough wheeze snort croak." Translation: "Don't call me unless it's important for it hurts to talk." Stupid idiot calls me later in the day, not once nor twice but five times. When I is don't pick up, she is texting message, "Call me when you get this mess. I am very worried." I is thinking, "#$@&#!!!11!!!!!" When she is calling again, I say, "croak cough cough wheezing croak effing idiot?!" Meaning of course, "Did you not understand what I told you, you effing idiot?! Sister is older, yes, but still stupid as ever.

I is quite grumpy, in case you no notice. I want watch Arrested Development, but laughter equals pain. Ditto South Park and Monty Python. So how is I supposed to feel better? I watched The Weather Man, and that only made me depressed. I is thinking I might as well watch Closer and Requiem for A Dream to complete cycle of depression. But I no have the DVDs with me now. Sigh. Somedays you cannot just win.

I is came across preview for Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Throat hurt very much now. I is might as well go watch South Park episodes now.

I mangle English language enough for today. 'Til next time.